Saunas and Avoiding Fatal Cardiac Death

Saunas aren’t commonplace for people in warmer regions of the world. That’s because, in places like Birmingham, Alabama, you can walk outside and feel sauna like effects. Colder regions of the world, especially in Europe, use saunas more often. Fortunately for those users, sauna bathing may have remarkable health effects.


Saunas by the Numbers

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine, sauna bathing reduces fatal cardiac events and all cause mortality. The study was quite large using 2,315 men ages 42-60 from eastern Finland. The study shows a 23% and 48% reduction of fatal cardiac heart disease (CHD) by using the sauna 2-3 times and 4-7 times per week respectively. Compared to men going 1 time per week, there is a 27% and 24% decrease risk for fatal cardiovascular death (FCD) and all cause mortality (ACM) respectively for 2-3 sauna sessions. Furthermore, 4 sauna sessions or more decreased the risk of FCD and ACM by a 2 fold average. Those are impressive numbers considering you sit in a room for 20 minutes.

Why Do Saunas Help?

Scientists aren’t sure why sauna sessions reduce the risk of cardiac and all cause mortality. Most believe that sauna sessions increase blood vessel function. Previous studies show positive effects with many vascular and heart functions.

Finnish saunas use dry heat to make you sweat. It’s like using a heater. Wet saunas use water and heat to create humidity to heat your body. Thus, you may not get the same beneficial effects using a wet sauna.

In conclusion, more investigation is needed involving sauna bathing and vascular function.

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Tuna That Could Cause Harm to Health

Researchers from Scripps Institution of Oceanography studied the amounts of toxic material in yellowfin (YF) tuna. The findings from the Gulf of Mexico and Northeast Atlantic ocean YF tuna were not good. YF tuna from those regions contained 36 times the normal amount of contaminants! Contaminants include pesticides, flame retardants, and chemicals (banned in 1979) from coolants and electronics.

Who Are at Risk from Contaminated Tuna?

Health advisories are being sent due to the increased amount of toxic materials. Health advisories are present for regular consumers, the pregnant, and women who breast feed. Consequently, there is a link between high toxic load and many health issues like immune deficiencies.


How Can You Avoid Toxic Contaminants?

 As a Structural chiropractor, it’s my professional obligation to recommend a plan to create optimal spinal alignment and overall good health. They go hand in hand. Therefore, I recommend my patients take Core Chiropractic’s Omega-3 fatty acids. Why? Our Omega-3’s are moleculary distilled. As a result, our fish oil supplement is absent of toxic contaminants. It’s similar to reverse osmosis water filters. Distillation removes unwanted materials.

Size Matters

Our product doesn’t stop at molecular distillation. The fish processed in our Omega-3’s is Alaskan Cod which is a much smaller than your average tuna species. Why is this important? Small fish feed on smaller plants and fish, while tuna feed on larger fish. Therefore larger the fish, the more contaminants. It’s like a trash can vs a dumpster. The larger the receptacle the more trash there is.
In conclusion, I recommend you eat the smallest fish in the coldest waters possible. These fish include sardines or salmon. Colder water results in fatty fish which contains beneficial omega 3’s. Eating fish has numerous health benefits like increased heart health.

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