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Low Folate and Vitamin D Linked To Mental Health

An increase in research shows nutritional deficiencies are linked to many diseases. The study, link here, compares two groups, non-psychosis to first-episode psychosis patients. Subsequently, this study cites folate and vitamin D were significantly low.

Mental Health Low Folate and Vitamin D

First of all, psychosis episodes vary greatly with each person. First-episode psychosis is an event in which a person experiences a departure from reality. Some will need medication while others need talk therapy. To clarify any questions follow up with your primary care doctor for a first-episode psychosis.

greenhouse vegetbales

What is Folate and Vitamin D?

Folate naturally occurs in green vegetables while folic acid is the synthetic form of vitamin B9.  Vitamin D is not readily available in most food, and unfortunately, certain foods provide only marginal levels of vitamin D.

Folate is in green vegetables. Broccoli, spinach, avocado, asparagus, and okra are folate dense. The greatest source of vitamin D is from the sun. As an indoor working society, vitamin D levels are usually low.

Also, some believe vitamin D levels are a worldwide epidemic. Link here. With fall and winter ahead, it’s more difficult to get enough sun. Therefore, the best way to get vitamin D is through supplementation. Most noteworthy, vitamin D3 is the best form of supplementation.

Above all, this further shows the importance of a balanced diet and sun exposure/ vitamin D3 supplementation. According to the study, more research is needed to establish a baseline deficiency for folate and vitamin D.

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Structural Chiropractic and Dental Care for TMJ Dysfunction

Many dentists or orthodontists will refer patients to our office who are suffering from temporal-mandibular joint (TMJ) pain. Orthodontists will usually recommend a mouth guard to help with pain and maintain proper tooth structure. In addition to treatment by a dentist or orthodontist, Structural Correction could offer improvement or resolution.

teeth TMJ chiropractic

Function and Where It’s Located

The temporal-mandibular joint, upper section of the neck, and base of the head (occiput) lie adjacent to each other. If the upper spinal segments and occiput shift from outside the normal range, TMJ pain can occur. Spinal shifts will cause dysfunction of joints and muscles. Correcting spinal shifts will relieve pressure off of those affected joints and muscles. Lastly, proper corrections will remove obstructions from nerves providing optimal communication to various areas of the body.

Spinal Shift Causing TMJ Pain

Correcting spinal shifts and removing obstructions from nerves is like removing a clog in plumbing. Water will flow freely once the obstruction is moved. If you have been suffering from TMJ pain, Structural Correction chiropractic could provide improvement or resolution.

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Time-Restricted Eating: When Should You Eat?

For those who are tired of counting calories and dieting, time-restricted eating may provide a solution. Time-restricted eating allows you to eat whatever you want between certain times (link here). Some studies show that time-restricted eating could help you lose weight, improve blood pressure, and have other health related benefits.


Time-Restricted Eating Timing Is Everything

The study I am referencing implemented a schedule of 8 hours of “feasting” and 16 hours of “fasting.” For 8 hours each day, study participants ate whatever they wanted. When the 8 hour period ended, participants stopped eating for the next 16 hours. Typically, participants ate from 10 AM to 6 PM. However, that can be tailored to fit each individual’s schedule. Compared to other eating plans or diets, time restricted eating seems to have a high percentage of retention.

Health Improvements When Feasting and Fasting

Participants who finished the twelve-week trial lost 3% of their body fat and saw a 7 mm/hg decrease in their blood pressure. This is significant because lowering blood pressure by 5 mm/hg reduces the risk of stroke by 34% and decreases the chance of heart disease by 21%. In addition, studies show losing 5-10% of your body weight or approximately 12 pounds reduces all-cause mortality by 15%. All-cause mortality is total number of deaths due to a certain disease, event, or condition.

Remember, these studies did not follow what the participants ate. For all I know, they could have been eating like a candy-driven toddler. Taking that into account, eating a balanced diet could improve on those numbers. Overall, time-restricted eating appears to be a good alternative to traditional diets for those looking to improve overall health with the added benefit of weight loss.

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