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Healthy Skin with Great Sleep and Melatonin

The pursuit of healthy, ageless skin is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Products are abundant. Advertisements for laser surgery, Botox, creams, and fillers run rampant across TV screens. Actors and actresses push age-defying products every day to their audiences. If they work for you, great, but let’s get down to a few basics that you can add to your daily routine. Melatonin and restful sleep play an important role in skin aging. Link here.

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Skin Health Basics with Melatonin

Melatonin is produced in the absence of light exposure. Natural occurring melatonin is an antioxidant which prevents cell and protein inflammation. Less cellular and protein damage promotes healthy skin cells. Also, melatonin is shown to keep collagen and elastin producing cells at optimal levels. Collagen and elastin contribute to strong and resilient skin. Topical melatonin could help prevent further damage described above. Link here.

Perception of Your Skin with Sleep and Melatonin

Studies show that skin will lose some of its restorative powers with less sleep. They call it beauty-sleep for a reason. Link here. With less sleep skin perception is more negative, skin water loss is apparent, and skin repair is less productive after damaging light exposure. Lastly people who slept more had higher ratings for physical attractiveness and skin perception. Amazing how a good night’s rest will do for one’s psyche. Without any fillers etc., sleep obviously plays a pivotal role in skin appearance.

There are many products that promote healthy skin, but remember the basics. Good sleep, water, and a healthy diet will go a long way in keeping skin healthy. For an extra boost topical melatonin and other vitamin creams could help repair and rejuvenate skin.

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Foods You Must Eat for a Healthy Prostate

Prostate cancer affects nearly 3 million people a year. Lifestyle-factors play a large role in cancer incidence. Consequently, it’s important to have a healthy diet of foods. Difficulty upon urination, bladder issues, and erectile dysfunction are a few warning signs of prostate cancer. Research shows that 4 foods can keep the prostate healthy. By no means is this a treatment for prostate issues. Above all, eating these foods is a means of optimizing health and risk reduction.

Watermelon is Tasty and Good for the Prostate

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Watermelon is a good source of lycopene.  Link here. Lycopene is an antioxidant which serves to protect cells against cancer. Due to high blood levels of this antioxidant, risk of chronic disease is reduced. Not a fan of watermelon? Try red berries or tomato. Similarly , red berries and tomatoes are a great source of lycopene. The common thing among all of these foods is the color red. Sorry, this doesn’t include red meat.

Crunchy, Colorful, and Healthy Carrots

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Carrots’ active compound is carotenoid. Link here. Carotenoid is the pigment found in carrots that protect it from natural decomposition. The pigment is sort of a natural sunscreen for carrots. Similar to lycopene, carotenoids protect cell from stress. Do you find carrots flavorless? Try sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, plums, mangoes, or spinach.

Tumeric Powerful Powder

Also, tumeric is an extremely healthy root used mainly as a spice. Tumeric is a root from the ginger family which houses a powerful compound called curcumin. Link here. As I mentioned before, eating deeply colored foods is ideal. Tumeric is a bright yellow and highly anti-inflammatory. When using tumeric powder, par it with black pepper. Black pepper will increase its absorption levels. Thus, enhancing it’s benefits.

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