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Quicker Weight Lifting Could Mean Longer Life

The weight lifting industry views muscle strength as more important than muscle power.  However, a new study has found that muscle power may be the best indicator of life expectancy. Muscle power is essentially the ability to produce force and velocity while also coordinating movement. They best way to increase muscle power is weight lifting, but a specific weight lifting method must be used.   

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Heavy weight may be beneficial, but more weight usually means slower repetitions. In most cases, a slow repetition equals low power. Muscle power comes from an increase of speed during a lift. First, pick an appropriate weight. The weight should not be easy to lift but also not too heavy that you can barely lift it. Then, do multiple repetitions lifting the weight as fast as possible. During the lift, make sure the movement is smooth and coordinated. It is important to remember that even though muscle power is important, it is necessary to remain in proper form during any weight lifting exercise.

Of 3,878 study participants, the 3rd and 4th lowest quartile of muscle power had a 4-to-5 and 10-to-13 times higher risk of dying than those with maximal power. That’s such a large discrepancy. Additionally, these participants are non-athletes. Muscle power is attainable for everyone. More research needs to be done to assess the connection between muscle power increases and health to determine the full benefit.

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Increase Immune System Efficiency with Elderberry

Flu season: no other virus has a season named after it. It’s a massive health concern potentially affecting millions of people per year. Studies show that elderberry has long had a negative effect on the flu virus. Elderberry contains a phytochemical that inhibits the virus before and after a person is infected.

Elderberry Effects

Specifically, the elderberry phytochemical blocks the virus from attaching to and entering a host cell. This is important because once the virus enters the body via the host cell, it will infect other cells. The infected cells then break causing more cells to be taken over by the virus. This happens in the lining of your nose, throat, and lungs. Additionally, the infection spreads to the blood stream causing muscles to ache.

Structure and Immune System

In addition to homeopathic remedies, structural correction can also help boost immune support. It is important to have any obstructions removed from the nervous system for our cells to communicate properly. A shift of spinal segments cause a disruption of communication between cells. When cells communicate properly, our entire body including the immune system functions better.

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Too Much Protein? Optimize Diet and Function

Protein is vital for optimal performance and health maintenance. The main sources of protein in our diet are meat and dairy. As a result, many companies have even started to highlight the amount of protein in their products. However, with these high-protein optional available, how much protein is too much?

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Excess Protein In Diet

Research shows that excess amounts of protein, specifically branched chain amino acids, may be harmful. Furthermore, excess branched chain amino acids decreases the amount of serotonin levels in the blood. Serotonin is important for sleep and a positive mood. It’s commonly referred as the ‘happy’ hormone. Serotonin is decreased when excess branched chain amino acids block tryptophan. Tryptophan stimulates serotonin production.

Vary Your Sources

Based on these findings, it is important to vary your protein sources to make sure you are not getting excess branched chain amino acids. Soy, lentils, edamame, chickpeas, nuts, quinoa, and chia seeds are great sources of plant-based protein. Even more so, a balanced diet of vegetables and fruits is of equal importance.

Are You Active?

It is important to remember; the amount of daily protein required varies in everyone. Consequently, an active individual will need more protein than a sedentary person. The recommended baseline without variables amounts to .36 grams of protein per pound.  One egg is 6 grams of protein while 1 cup of chicken is 38 grams of protein. Most of all, it’s important to vary your sources of protein for optimum health.

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