All patients start with a complementary consultation first. This is an enlightening talk about the ins and outs of our office. If what we say sounds reasonable, we have time set aside to move onto the exam, if you choose. The time set aside for the examination prevents you from having to schedule another appointment.

What The Exam Includes

The examination includes Structural Radiographs, Digital Assessment, Structural Analysis, and orthopedic or neurologic tests. The examination is detailed and comprehensive. The results of your exam will determine if you are a candidate for Structural Correction care.

Examination attire will be needed in order to provide optimal exam data. Please wear form fitting gym clothing. Refrain from wearing lots of jewelry or necklaces, since they will interfere with the Structural Radiographs.

Why Do We Perform An Exam?

It’s the same reason an optometrist performs tests before changing a prescription. In order to provide optimal patient care, we need exam data to come up with a comprehensive plan of care. Furthermore, we are able to rule out possible sinister conditions.