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How To Sleep Better And Easy Recommendations

A good night’s sleep is tough to come by. If you have trouble sleeping, these healthy sleep recommendations should be at the foundation of your routine. A sleep routine is ideal for high-sleep-quality and falling asleep fast.

If you have prolonged sleep troubles, studies show health complications can occur such as: increased weight, blood pressure, and diabetes.

Great Sleep Quality Starts Early

What you do approximately two hours before bed is important. Preparation is key. Therefore, a schedule or steps to prepare for sleep at night is ideal. The key is to follow a routine.

As your first step is complete, the body will naturally ready itself for bedtime. It’s best have a casual sleep routine with steps to follow.

There is too much light in this bedroom for a good night's sleep.
There is too much light in this bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

A routine will help your circadian rhythm stay on track. Your circadian rhythm is a sleep-wake cycle that responds mostly to light.

For instance, as the sun sets and exposure to light reduces, changes start to take place in the body. Unfortunately, there are many things that can disrupt your circadian rhythm and cause sleep quality issues.

This guide will explain the do’s and don’ts when it comes to attaining better sleep.

Breathing Techniques For Sleep

Military Sleep Technique

Sometimes military personnel work odd hours, and certain situations require them to stay awake for long periods of time. When time is available, personnel need to fall asleep fast. Try the following routine to help with sleep:

  1. Relax your eyes, cheeks, and jaw. Your lips should barely touch.
  2. Drop your shoulders, and open your hand fully.
  3. Exhale slowly.
  4. Relax your legs and lower limbs.
  5. Imagine a relaxing scene like a beautiful beach or a mountain hike.
  6. If you can’t imagine a relaxing scene, repeat to yourself slowly “Don’t think.”
Breathing techniques can relax the body and mind.
Breathing techniques can help you fall asleep fast.
Yoga Sleep Technique

The 4-7-8 breathing technique is commonly used in Yoga to relax and calm the mind. Follow these steps to increase the chances of falling asleep faster.

  1. Place the tip of the tongue behind your upper teeth.
  2. Add a moderate amount of pressure with you tongue.
  3. Exhale.
  4. Inhale for 4 seconds.
  5. Hold your breath for 7 seconds.
  6. Exhale slowly for 8 seconds.
  7. Repeat 3 times.

Reverse Psychology Your Way To Good Sleep

Paradoxical intention is the act of engaging in an idea that causes anxiety. Some insomnia patients have performance anxiety when trying to fall asleep i.e. the act of trying to sleep causes anxiety.

To counter the anxiety, insomniacs tell themselves to stay awake to fall asleep. This is a form of cognitive therapy. By telling yourself to “stay awake,” you may fall asleep quickly.

If you can’t fall asleep after 20 minutes, researchers say you should leave the bedroom and listen music, color, or read a book.

Sleep Then Get Out Of Bed

The majority of people wake up to an alarm every morning. However, not all alarms are made equal. The tone of your alarm can make a big difference to the start of your day.

Loud beeps or horns are common alarm sounds, but these may not be the best for you. Researchers at a Melbourne University suggest a more melodic or pleasant morning alarm.  

Your alarm shouldn't be a harsh sound to wake up to.
Alarm clocks help you get out of bed. Make sure it’s the correct alarm sound.

When the alarm is melodic, levels of alertness improve. Whereas, a harsh alarm sound can increase levels of grogginess and sleep inertia.

Sleep inertia is increased sensory or motor impairment in the morning. Sleep inertia can last up to 4 hours and negatively impact your morning.  

Stay away from harsh alarms and go for the more melodic and pleasant sounds. If you do, research shows you’ll feel better in the morning if you do.  

Also, avoid hitting the snooze button. The more you hit snooze, the greater the possibility of sleep inertia.

Watch What You Eat and Drink At Night

Try not eat or drink two hours before bedtime. Eating or drinking increases the likelihood of disrupting sleep by needing to use the bathroom.

Your brain senses when the bladder is nearing fullness and triggers you to wake up and use the restroom.

Electronics and Bright Light Keep You Awake At Night

Avoid lots of TV and cell phone usage at night. Electronics emit blue light which disrupts your circadian rhythm. You can block blue light by using these glasses.

Watching TV can keep you from sleeping by provoking a variety of emotions like excitation or sadness.

Also, light from your TV or electronics stimulates or tricks the body into thinking there is light outside. Studies show melatonin, a sleep hormone, drops significantly in the presence of light. 

Blue light comes from electronics and some bulbs.
Avoid light when it’s gets dark outside. This can disrupt your sleep wake cycle.

Dampen or turn off any lights that are not in use after sunset. You can also purchase smart bulbs that can dampen at certain times of the day.

If you have a room with large windows, install blackout curtains. This will keep the room and block any random lights from neighbors or cars.

When you wake up, make sure you seek as much light as possible. Open the curtains wide and turn on lamps when your alarm sounds.

Avoid Looking At The Time To Sleep Better

When you wake up at night, don’t look the time. Being aware of the time can cause anxiety and worsen insomnia. Watching the clock is common in people with insomnia.

Regular Exercise During The Day To Sleep Better At Night

Working out in the morning is best. Each organ has its own internal clock or 24 hour cycle. Starting the day with exercise will activate the 24 hour cycle. Therefore, you will be ready for bed later in the day.

If you are unable to workout in the morning, try to work out while it is still light out.

Exercise during the day is best for your circadian rhythm.
Exercise during daylight hours calibrates your circadian rhythm for sleep.

Exercise is important for sleep quality and duration. Serotonin and dopamine increase as you exercise, which stabilizes your mood and feelings of happiness.

Additionally, exercise reduces cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and it contributes to anxiety.

Sleep Machine Aids

Have you ever woken up from a car horn or floors creaking? Ambient sounds through your phone or a sound machine will help drown out random noises.

Sleep machines with white noise are good, but pink noise may be best. Studies show pink noise improves deep sleep and memory. Phone applications have sleep aids with pink noise.

Sleep Medicine And Supplements


There are many oral sleep aids. When you supplement with oral aids, take them an hour before your projected sleep time. This will give the body plenty of time to process the supplement or medication.

Supplements can help your rest routine.
A melatonin supplement will increase the surge that naturally occurs at night.

One of the best supplements is melatonin. The body will naturally produce melatonin as the sun sets. It is the body’s natural time keeper. Melatonin induces sedation and lowers core body temperature.

Melatonin is great for your skin too. 


Magnesium is abundant in the body because it is a necessary neurotransmitter and an important part of many metabolic reactions. Up to 60% of magnesium is stored in bone.

As you age, bone density reduces and depletes magnesium production. As such, magnesium may be a supplement that is needed as you age.

Magnesium plays a part in the reduction of NMDA and the increase in GABA. Both are neurotransmitters responsible for excitation and inhibition of excitation respectively.

A combination of melatonin and magnesium may improve sleep quality.

Too Much Caffeine And Alcohol Late In The Day

Drinking caffeinated liquids after 1pm can disrupt your sleep schedule. A cup of water and caffeine in the morning is ideal as this primes your circadian rhythm.

It is also best to, avoid alcohol before bed. Drinking alcohol may reduce your chances for quality sleep. When drinking alcohol, your blood thins and the heart rate goes up. This is not ideal as your heart rate should drop as you get into bed.

Sleep Positions Can Change Depending On Your Bedding

Most people sleep on their side, back, stomach, or a combination. The worst best sleep position is on your stomach.

Sleeping on your stomach will cause you to rotate your head in abnormal positions. If this habit continues, spinal pain and headaches can occur.

Good bedding is important to sleep better.
Better sleep starts with a supportive pillow and mattress.
Back Sleeping

If you sleep on your back, make sure your head and neck are slightly tilted backwards. This will allow maximum flow of air exchange through your nose and mouth.

Many pillows cause your neck and head to be in a flexed position which can cause Anterior Head Syndrome. Anterior Head Syndrome increases chances of snoring and sleep apnea.

Anterior Head Syndrome happens when the neck and upper back shift permanently in a flexed and forward position.

Side Sleeping

If you sleep on your side, find a pillow that allows your head and neck to be parallel to your mattress. Having your head and neck tilted to one side for long periods of time will cause neck problems.

Naps During Daytime Can Cause Issues At Night

Usually, naps are taken because a loss of sleep occurs or a heavy carbohydrate lunch is consumed. Studies show that you cannot catch-up on sleep, but if you are struggling to stay awake, a 20 minute will not negatively affect sleep hygiene.

Adjust The Temperature In The Bedroom

Better sleep is greatly dependent on the temperature setting of the bedroom. Sleep temperatures should be around 65 – 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This is part of creating an optimal sleep environment.

That may seem cold to some, but increased body temperatures wake you up at night. As the sun goes down, start lowering the temperature in the house. This will prime the body for bedtime.

Make sure the temperature setting is between 65-68 degrees to sleep better.
Ideal sleep temperatures are between 65 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your Mattresses Can Cause Problems

There are many mattresses to choose from at various price points and levels of firmness. All mattresses will affect the way you will sleep. When choosing a mattress, you do not want a soft mattress.

Soft mattresses will position your spinal structures poorly. Prolonged poor spinal positioning will eventually cause body aches and abnormal spinal structure.

Therefore, focus on mattresses that are medium to medium firm. This will keep spinal structures in an optimal position while you sleep.

Rejuvenation With Great Sleep

While you sleep, important events happen in regards to function. During sleep, your brain forms short and long term memories through the strengthening of a synapse.

A synapse is the connection between various areas of your nervous system. It is like the electric wiring of your house. When synapses form, you are more likely to recall items from memory if you are getting adequate sleep.

A good night's rest will help your next brain storming session.
Great sleep quality improves brain function and removes brain waste.

As we age, especially during our 50s and 60s, deep sleep declines. Researchers believe reductions in deep sleep could contribute to dementia. As such, it is important to create an optimal environment for sleep.

A good night’s sleep protects your brain. As you fall into the deep stages of sleep, the brain activates the glymphatic system. This system allows fluid to remove toxic waste like amyloid-beta.

Amyloid-beta is a protein that could be the underlying cause of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Also, nutrient absorption takes place in the spinal discs for proper support of vertebra. Proper rehydration of these gel-like discs keeps the nervous system functioning optimally by reducing nerve obstruction.

Utilizing Recommendations For Every Day Use

Combining these sleep tips will create the optimal environment and mindset for good sleep. Slowly incorporate the recommendations. Don’t overwhelm yourself by using every recommendation because that will increase anxiety and stress.

If you try everything and nothing improves, schedule a consultation for medical advice. Unfortunately, everyone has different habits and routines.

Therefore, further medical analysis from a licensed doctor may uncover an underlying health condition causing sleep problems.

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Maximize Heart Health With 3 Simple Tips

opinions chiropractic

Health Professionals Opinions About Chiropractic

Many health professionals express their opinions about chiropractic. Some highly recommend chiropractic; some don’t recommend chiropractic.

Whether a health professional recommends chiropractic or not, it’s a generalized statement. Thus, positive or negative statements lack full knowledge of chiropractic techniques.

Many Opinions Over 200 Chiropractic Techniques

There are over 200 different chiropractic techniques; all of which mostly focus on CGM (Conventional General Manipulation). The vast minority focus on SCA (Specific Corrective Adjustment) techniques which include Structural Chiropractic.

Thus, saying, “Don’t go to a chiropractor.” suggests this individual has experienced all techniques. Their statement makes no sense.

Normal vs abnormal spinal range

Belief That All Chiropractors Are The Same

Most health professionals “believe” all chiropractors are the same. All patient care is synonymous with general “pop and crack” manipulation. That belief is similar to getting beef at a fast food restaurant vs a nice steak house. It’s not the same.

A Specific Corrective Adjustment has nothing in common with Conventional General Manipulation. Structural chiropractic uses gentle and specific adjustments based on an objective structural examination.

opinions chiropractic

The nervous system is the body’s electric highway. Keep it free of obstructions.

Finding The Underlying Cause

Structural shifts exist. Unfortunately, not all healthcare professionals have current knowledge about innovations in health. Some believe that calories from an apple is the same as a bag of chips.

A structural shift is a physical obstruction that prevents proper operation of the nervous system. The nervous system is the body’s electrical highway. Thus, structural shifts can potentially wreak havoc on the internal structure of the human body.

Consequently, structural shifts are typically the underlying cause of arm pain, disc herniation, dizziness, headaches, and migraines.

opinions chiropractic

Headaches can stem from structural shifts.

Conventional healthcare will prescribe a medication or refer to a therapist. Usually, both recommendations patch or band-aid the underlying cause. It’s not a solution.

Lastly, Core Chiropractic offers a complimentary consultation, followed by a complete, objective Structural Examination.  Using the information we gather from the examination, we will create a customized plan of care that focuses on correcting your condition.

More information about Structural Chiropractic in Birmingham, Alabama.

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immune boost

Immune Boost And Strengthen Bones Simultaneously

A simultaneous immune boost and bone strengthening seems too good to be true. Guess what? It’s not. In fact, there is a scientific law that backs the previous statement. Wolff’s law states bones naturally strengthen under stress.

Additionally, the stress on bones increases the production of immune, virus-fighting cells.

boost immune cells from bones

Bones produce specialized bone building and virus fighting cells.

Training For The Immune and Bone Boost

How do we create stress on bones and improve our health and skeletal system at the same time?

The simplest way is resistance training or jogging. You can do resistance training with body weight. Pushups, planks, and squats can be done at home or office. Make sure the intensity of the work-out gets the heart rate pumping. Doing this will ensure the stress on the bones is adequate. The best way to increase bone stress is the use of resistance bands or weights.

home gym to boost immune system and bones

Home gym equipment is convenient and cheap.


Stave Off Sickness And Prevent Osteoporosis

As we age, people have an increased risk of sickness and bone depletion. Doctors call bone depletion osteoporosis. The natural depletion of bone occurs in your late 20’s and early 30’s. We can prevent bone depletion with the use of resistance training, vitamin D3, and healthy diet.

Vitamin D3 is important for bone health, and it keeps us from getting sick. Fortunately, vitamin D3 is free. We absorb it from the sun. If you stay inside often, then supplementation is important. The best supplementation product is vitamin D3 with K2.

Additionally, certain foods provide us the right kinds of nutrients for bones and health. Leafy greens, nuts, and colorful vegetables and fruits pack the most nutrients. Even mushrooms contain trace amounts of vitamin D3.

mushrooms contain vitamin d for health and bones

The Good Kind Of Stress

Unfortunately, all stress isn’t equal. Spinal bones undergo abnormal stress when a structural shift occurs. Most people are unaware there is a normal spinal structure similar to a normal blood pressure or eyesight. When spinal bones shift outside a normal range, imbalances occur.

Imbalances will create abnormal stress on the adjacent bones. Abnormal stress will cause depletion of bones or degenerative joint disease. Depletion of joints can occur in the knee, hip, and ankle joints. Thus, it’s important to have a spinal exam to look for spinal shifts. Corrected spinal shifts will remove abnormal stress on bones.

Also, structural shifts cause headaches, migraines, neck pain, sciatica, TMJ pain, and fatigue.

You Can Do It Easily

Finally, pressure sensing cells around the bone activate the cells for immunity and bone strength. It’s easy to active those pressure sensing cells to improve your health. In addition to the other recommendations, you’ll be on your way to a bone and health boost.

More information about Structural Chiropractic in Birmingham, Alabama.

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normal spinal structure

Tips To Keep Your Back In Shape

Most people will have back pain at some point in life. Unfortunately, the recommendations or tools to prevent future problems are unknown. You’ll learn a few tips to keep your back in shape.

Prevention is better than looking for relief in excruciating pain. Without proper spinal recommendations, spinal deterioration occurs. Just like knee cartilage, there is spinal cartilage or discs that provide cushion between spinal segments. Preservation of these discs is important. So, how can we keep our back and neck functioning at optimal?

back tips

Tip 1. Prolonged Abnormal Positions Stress Spinal Structures

When we look at phones or hunch over a computer for prolonged periods, spinal structures are under stress. This leads to damage of discs and dysfunction of muscles and ligaments. Usually treatment is medication. Unfortunately, medication only bandages the ill-effects of structural shift. Place phones and computer screens in front of your eyes. This will help position spinal structures in a normal position.

back tips

A good core exercise is a plank.

Tips 2. Wrong Core Exercises Are Problematic

Sit-ups and crunches create stress on the lower spine through low back flexion. Spinal flexion flattens the normal curvature of the low back. Thus, a sit-up or crunch motion is no different than bending over with your knees straight. That’s when discs tend bulge or herniate unexpectedly. Utilize planks instead of sit-ups and crunches. Lastly, perform dead-lifts properly. Without great technique, dead-lifts will destroy the lower spine.

back tips

Make sure your shoes have good support.

Tip 3. Look Into Your Sole

Worn-out shoe soles can cause lower spine dysfunction. Additionally, it’s important that your shoes have proper support. Different shoe brands and models support many different foot shapes. Go into a shoe store and try-on multiple pairs to get the best support. Many stores have a return policy if the shoe doesn’t fit well.

These tips will keep your spinal structures and discs healthy. The “Normal Structure” picture is a great visual. If spinal structures are within a normal range, function will be optimal.

More information about Structural Chiropractic in Birmingham, Alabama.

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x-ray image of knee

Keep Arthritis Away With Optimal Joint Function

Arthritis can affect many joints. Different joints exist in the body with varying degrees of movement. For instance, a knee joint moves less freely than spinal joints.

Life comes with bumps and bruises or long days at work. These daily challenges cause all joints not just those in the shoulder, neck, knees, and back to potentially function abnormally.

Dysfunction may not be apparent at first, but symptoms are a poor indicator of health. It’s similar to not knowing you have a cavity until a dental examination. So what are the best ways to keep joints healthy?

keep arthritis away knee joint

Joint Health And Movement Assessment

Early abnormal joint detection is key. Normal movement while lifting an object or simply sitting to standing can be assessed. Abnormal mechanics or positioning of bones and spinal segments will cause abnormal amounts of pressure on joints. This is not ideal because joints have discs or cushioning between bones.

keep arthritis away

Unfortunately, discs can degenerate or thin due to abnormal structure and movement. Disc thinning, if left untreated, leads to dysfunction and pain. A quick assessment can be done at home to see if your neck has normal ranges of motion.

For example, more head rotation to the left verses the right is an indicator of joint dysfunction. This abnormal motion could lead to disc thinning between spinal segments. Additionally, doctors have the ability to spot abnormalities during certain functional movements.

Joint Supplementation

Many people take a supplement or an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory to help with joint health or pain. The most common supplement is chondroitin glucosamine with MSM. Chondroitin glucosamine helps with normal joint lubrication, and MSM provides nutritional support for the production of joint structures like discs.

joint function

Omega-3 is a great supplement for joints too.

A popular anti-inflammatory is a curcumin supplement. Curcumin is the active component of the turmeric plant. Joint and anti-inflammatory supplementation should be used in conjunction with a proper structural examination to determine possible treatment.

Lastly, a structural examination involves imaging, digital analysis, and motion assessment. Without a structural examination, joints may be in a degenerative process which will get worse without proper medical attention.

More information about Structural Chiropractic in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Eye Strain and Sinus Issues Causing Headaches?

One of the most common ailments that patients report are headaches. Of those reported headaches, approximately 10% are migraines. With any type of migraine or headache, a thorough consultation and examination is important. Otherwise, many important signs and patterns may be missed. If missed, ineffective therapies such as shots and sedatives can deny the patient possible relief.

Headaches From Eye Strain

Eye strain is a possible cause of headaches. Usually eye strain occurs from poor lighting or long periods of eye use- this can occur during computer work or high cell phone usage. If a headache occurs upon waking up, eye strain is not the underlying cause. Although yearly eye check-ups are important, going to an optician may not be the first step for headache relief.

easy to understand


Is It Sinus Headache?

Sinus inflammation can be acute or chronic; however, both types of inflammation can cause a headache. Chronic inflammation may be a sinus infection; therefore, schedule an appointment with your general physician. Acute sinus inflammation occurs with rapid weather or seasonal changes.  When acute sinus inflammation and headache can occur together, the underlying issue isn’t a sinus problem. The problem stems from malfunctioning blood vessels surrounding the face and head. How does blood vessel malfunction happen?

Shift Of Spinal Segments

Before the blood vessel malfunction explanation, a short lesson on spinal structure. 98.6 degrees is normal body temperature. And just like body temperature, there is a normal spinal structure. These spinal structures can shift from its normal range through daily challenges like sedentary office work and working-out. The further spinal segments shift from normal the more likely symptoms will occur like headaches, migraines, spinal pain, TMJ pain, and shoulder pain.

As spinal segments shift, nerves connected to blood vessels will be blocked. Therefore, headaches and migraines will occur due to blood vessels surrounding the head not properly functioning. It’s imperative to correct these blockages to improve headaches and migraines. No matter the “trigger” like weather changes, keeping your spine free of segmental shifts will reduces the chances of symptoms.

More information about Structural Chiropractic in Birmingham, Alabama, click here.
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skin close up

Skin Care Product With Lasting Effects

As we age, we lose water content, elasticity, and wrinkles become more abundant. Besides aging, low humidity and UV ray can do damage. There are a large variety of skin care options to help prevent or reduce wrinkles; however, collagen is one you should consider. Collagen is the structural support for your skin, and by age 18, we begin to lose collagen. Topical collagen products are great for temporary and cosmetic effects, but oral collagen products may have the most long-term effects.

skin close up

Oral Consumption of Collagen

Collagen is broken down into smaller components by heat or enzymes. After a thermal or enzymatic process, it’s hydrolyzed collagen. This process is essential for optimal absorption. When buying an oral supplement, chose a product with collagen types I, II, and III which are most prevalent in skin and joints. Most hydrolyzed collagen products use a marine or bovine source. Bone broth is a popular source, but the collagen content is unknown. Therefore, bone broth may not provide therapeutic effects. Bone broth does have other benefits for weight control. Read here.

Skin Care Restoration

By age 18, collagen content reduces. Fortunately, studies cite improvements in hydration, facial lines, wrinkles, and elasticity. Elasticity is the skin’s ability to retain its original shape after it’s stretched. Studied formulas, in addition to collagen, have vitamin C and E, biotin, chondroitin sulfate, or zinc in various amounts. There is no standard collagen dose. Lastly, a good diet and water will maximize the benefits of oral collagen.

More information about Structural Chiropractic in Birmingham, Alabama, click here.
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Structural Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

You can use physical therapy and structural chiropractic together to work on the skeletal and muscular system. However, their is a distinct difference between the professions.

Structural Chiropractic

Structural Chiropractic thoroughly analyzes the spinal segments. Spinal segments encase the nervous system which is the body’s electric wiring, and muscles attach to spinal segments. If a structural chiropractor finds evidence of a structural shift, it’s important to specifically correct them for optimal health and function.
Structural chiropractic is different than conventional chiropractic care. Conventional offices focus on temporary pain relief. Structural chiropractic focuses on creating a long-term solution to a patients condition.

Structural Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

Anterior head syndrome causes many secondary conditions.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy analyzes the muscular system to improve function of muscles. PT will utilize superficial modalities, generalized manipulation, needling, and exercises to work on muscles.
physical therapy and structural chiropractic

Conventional Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

Conventional chiropractic and physical therapists do a great job of improving muscle range of motion. Both focus on temporary pain relief. It’s difficult to distinguish between the two.
Optimizing spinal segments through Structural Chiropractic fully addresses many conditions that may seem muscular on the surface. A structural Chiropractor will perform an in-depth analysis of the spine. A thorough analysis is vital to create a solution to any condition. A doctor doesn’t perform chemotherapy without blood work or imaging of cancer.
After a thorough analysis, patients will experience specific, gentle corrections to spinal segments that have shifted. In addition to corrections, recommendations like structural exercises and ergonomic changes will be explained.
More information about Structural Chiropractic in Birmingham, Alabama.
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bacterial spheres

Influenza and Bacterial Shielding Vitamin D3 and K2

Influenza and colds occur at higher rates during winter months. This leads to increased hospitalization rates and doctor visits. During this time, slowly adding healthy diet and exercise routines reduces chances of severe sickness. Additionally, Vitamin D3 with K2 will maximize your immune system potential.

Vitamin D3 Worldwide Deficiency

We usually get pre-vitamin D3 from the absorption of UV-rays from the sun. With modernized jobs and work-from-home situations,  it’s hard to get enough sun. Also, UV-ray absorption varies by skin color, time of day, season, and geographical region. Therefore, supplementation is typically necessary to reach baseline levels of D3. With substandard levels of vitamin D3, hospitals cite an increased rate of mortality and increased likelihood of severe sickness with CV-19. Link here. Other studies show positive results with other common diseases.

bacterial spheres

What’s Vitamin D3 Baseline?

Serum Vitamin D3 levels become deficient at <20 ng/ml. Therefore, having levels around 30-40 ng/ml is optimal. In studies of Vitamin D3 levels of African hunter-gathers, serum Vitamin D3 levels were 48 ng/ml. Hypercalcemia is a possible issue that can arise with Vitamin D3 supplementation. However, taking a supplement with a combination of vitamin D3 and K2 can reduce this side-effect. K2 activates cells that deposit calcium in bone thereby helping to prevent hypercalcemia. Optimal amounts of vitamin D3 active anti-inflammatory cells and decrease activity of inflammatory substances.

Testing Your Levels

The best test to check vitamin D3 levels is the 25-hydroxy vitamin D test. Tests are available at your local physicians office. Risk for influenza, infections, and other common disease are less common and less severe with optimal vitamin D3 levels.

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