Dr. Garrett


Growing up in Columbus, MS, I was exposed to my father’s dental practice. My mom was the office manager. Now my dad is a retired dentist who saw thousands of people. When I was in the office after school, I always heard the laughs, conversations, hellos and goodbyes (some crying too) coming from the treatment rooms. My dad and mom seemed to be having so much fun talking to others. At the same time, they were able to help people with many different kinds of dental issues. I thought to myself many times that is what I’d like to do some day. As I grew older my dad told me to give chiropractic a look, maybe for selfish reasons!

After earning my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. I took my dad’s advice and went to chiropractic school. After 4 years of chiropractic school, I decided to locate Core Chiropractic in Birmingham, AL.

Birmingham allows me to experience things that I enjoy doing… being active, experiencing great food, and helping others. Whether it’s Oak Mountain, Red Mountain, or a local park, there is always a place to take a peaceful walk. The food! There are many great places in Birmingham. Hot Box, Saw’s, and El Barrio are my favorites. You can’t forget about Pepper Place Farmer’s Market either. Wonderful produce and products are abundant! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jimmie Hale Mission and Jones Valley Teaching Farm as a volunteer. Also, I’m a current member of Vestavia Hills Sunrise Rotary Club. Make sure to contact those organizations. You’ll meet some wonderful people.

I hope you take the opportunity to experience the Structural Correction difference at Core Chiropractic. It’s an approach that finds a solution to a problem, not just a temporary patch. Once you step into our state of the art and modern office, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for. Every detail has been addressed for your care.

Dr Garrett Chow