baby sleeping on a blanket

Pink Noise Improves Sleep and Memory

Studies show pink noise (listen here) improves deep sleep and memory. As we age, especially during our 50s and 60s, deep sleep declines. Researchers believe reductions in deep sleep can contribute to dementia.

pink noise baby sleeping on blankets

Noise Differences

Pink noise is different from white because each sound wave is equal in energy. Pink is similar to ocean tides and rainstorms. White noise, on the other hand, is a mixture of frequencies from low to high. White noise similar to an unused TV or radio station.

Deep Sleep and Memory

Multiple studies show a correlation between deep sleep and word recall. A German study shows longer periods of deep sleep equate to improvements in word recall. Study participants using pink noise recalled twenty-two words, whereas, the control groups recalled thirteen words. Additionally, participants with mild cognitive impairment see similar results between deep sleep and word recall.

Where Can You Find Pink Noise?

Many phone apps are available for sound stimulation. Sound machines are popular as well. Just make sure you are getting a sound machine with pink noise rather than white noise.

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