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Skin Care Product With Lasting Effects

As we age, we lose water content, elasticity, and wrinkles become more abundant. Besides aging, low humidity and UV ray can do damage. There are a large variety of skin care options to help prevent or reduce wrinkles; however, collagen is one you should consider. Collagen is the structural support for your skin, and by age 18, we begin to lose collagen. Topical collagen products are great for temporary and cosmetic effects, but oral collagen products may have the most long-term effects.

skin close up

Oral Consumption of Collagen

Collagen is broken down into smaller components by heat or enzymes. After a thermal or enzymatic process, it’s hydrolyzed collagen. This process is essential for optimal absorption. When buying an oral supplement, chose a product with collagen types I, II, and III which are most prevalent in skin and joints. Most hydrolyzed collagen products use a marine or bovine source. Bone broth is a popular source, but the collagen content is unknown. Therefore, bone broth may not provide therapeutic effects. Bone broth does have other benefits for weight control. Read here.

Skin Care Restoration

By age 18, collagen content reduces. Fortunately, studies cite improvements in hydration, facial lines, wrinkles, and elasticity. Elasticity is the skin’s ability to retain its original shape after it’s stretched. Studied formulas, in addition to collagen, have vitamin C and E, biotin, chondroitin sulfate, or zinc in various amounts. There is no standard collagen dose. Lastly, a good diet and water will maximize the benefits of oral collagen.

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