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Humidity Could Keep You Well This Winter

It’s no secret that people are more prone to contract illnesses during the winter months. According to researchers, one of the main reasons for this is low humidity. Anyone who lives in the South knows humidity is lower when it’s cold outside, but how does cold air affect our immune system?

box of tissue on a sofa

Effects of Cold Winter Air

Low humidity causes three changes in the respiratory system.  First, microscopic hair cells in the lining of the airway do not catch viral cells and mucus as effectively. Second, low humidity reduces the ability of the body to repair respiratory cells in the lungs damaged by viruses. Lastly, the immune system is unable to communicate properly via interferon cells. Interferon cells communicate threats of foreign bacteria or viruses. Without optimal communication from the nervous system, each of the mechanisms above will suffer even more. Thus, it’s important to remove Structural Shifts off the nervous system.

Find a Humidifier for More Humidity

There are other factors in play when people get sick, but there is typically and increase in illnesses as the humidity drops. In addition to proper hand washing and coughing techniques, the use of humidifiers in schools, workplaces, and home could help.

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Increase Immune System Efficiency with Elderberry

Flu season: no other virus has a season named after it. It’s a massive health concern potentially affecting millions of people per year. Studies show that elderberry has long had a negative effect on the flu virus. Elderberry contains a phytochemical that inhibits the virus before and after a person is infected.

Elderberry Effects

Specifically, the elderberry phytochemical blocks the virus from attaching to and entering a host cell. This is important because once the virus enters the body via the host cell, it will infect other cells. The infected cells then break causing more cells to be taken over by the virus. This happens in the lining of your nose, throat, and lungs. Additionally, the infection spreads to the blood stream causing muscles to ache.

Structure and Immune System

In addition to homeopathic remedies, structural correction can also help boost immune support. It is important to have any obstructions removed from the nervous system for our cells to communicate properly. A shift of spinal segments cause a disruption of communication between cells. When cells communicate properly, our entire body including the immune system functions better.

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