Structural Shift

A Structural Shift is a spinal segment that shifts from a normal range. You have a normal spinal structure just like you have normal eye sight or blood pressure. If your spinal segments shift, you’ll experience secondary conditions or symptoms.

Structural shifts can cause an array of different secondary conditions. Structural shifts stem from daily challenges to our spine: bad posture, sports, poor workplace ergonomics, working out, emotional stress, jogging, and minor slips.

Even newborns are highly susceptible to structural shifts due to a traumatic birth process.

If Structural Shifts are not corrected, the spinal segments will shift to an unacceptable range. It’s like crooked teeth. Without an exam and precise braces, your teeth will continue to be crooked.

It’s important to have your spine examined for Structural Shifts. If nothing is done, serious spinal conditions like myelopathy, disc herniation, and advanced degenerative joint disease can occur.

Structural Shift